7pcs Mixer Stir Bars


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Efficient Mixing with 7pcs Mixer Stir Bars

Enhance your laboratory experiments with our set of 7pcs mixer stir bars. Designed for use on magnetic stirrers, these stir bars are essential tools for achieving efficient and uniform mixing in various scientific applications. With their Teflon (PTFE) coating and built-in pivot ring, these stir bars offer exceptional performance and durability.

Key Features of 7pcs Mixer Stir Bars

  • Teflon (PTFE) Coating: The stir bars feature a Teflon (PTFE) coating that provides excellent chemical resistance, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of substances and solvents.
  • Built-in Pivot Ring: Each stir bar is equipped with a built-in pivot ring that facilitates smooth spinning and reduces friction, ensuring optimal mixing efficiency.
  • Versatile Compatibility: These mixer stir bars are compatible with various magnetic stirrers commonly used in laboratories, making them versatile tools for different experimental setups.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, these stir bars are designed to withstand demanding laboratory conditions and offer long-lasting performance.

Usage Instructions

To use the mixer stir bars, simply place them in a glass container on a magnetic stirrer platform and adjust the speed and temperature as required for your experiment. Ensure that the magnetic stirrer is suitable for the size and weight of the stir bars to ensure proper functionality. Avoid placing the stir bars near the edge of the vessel to prevent potential accidents or interference.

Storage Information

Proper storage of the mixer stir bars helps maintain their quality and extends their lifespan. Follow these storage guidelines to ensure optimal performance:

  • Clean and Dry: Before storing, clean the stir bars thoroughly with an appropriate solvent and ensure they are completely dry to prevent any residue or corrosion.
  • Secure Container: Store the stir bars in a sturdy and well-sealed container to protect them from dust, moisture, and potential damage.
  • Organized Placement: Arrange the stir bars in an orderly manner to prevent scratching or chipping. Consider using a dedicated container or magnetic bar holder for easy access and organization.

Invest in these 7pcs mixer stir bars to enhance your laboratory mixing capabilities. Experience reliable and efficient mixing for a wide range of scientific experiments with their Teflon (PTFE) coating, built-in pivot ring, and compatibility with magnetic stirrers. Order now to optimize your scientific workflows and achieve precise and uniform mixing results.

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