• Precision Calculating

    All of our products are weighed out precisely with industrial approved, analytical tools and scales. Working in a clean room helps to ensure each chemical sample is 100% accurate.

  • Lab Tested

    Sourcing the purest chemicals is always our top priority. You can be confident that everything we stock is tested. This ensures quality chemical samples that you and your research team can trust.

  • Customer Support

    We are committed to putting you and your research projects first. Our staff is always here to help and answer any questions that you encounter during your research.

  • High Quality Labels

    We label each chemical sample with High Quality Polypropylene labels. Never mix-up or slowdown research again. These labels also help keep your lab professional and organized.

who we are About Us

Having a clean, sterile laboratory is imperative when it comes to research chemicals. Our climate-controlled packaging laboratory keeps the air quality clean from pathogens and allows for contaminant-free workstations. From our FDA-compliant counter-tops, down to our surgical-grade stainless steel instruments, we make sure each packaged product is handled with care. We package all of our products within our in-house clean-room to ensure the highest quality and accurate product weights.

Dr. Thomas Smith
CEO & Founder
You can experience the benefits of

Precision Chems Molecules

Our dedicated team has found the right chemicals for every research project. You can feel confident knowing that our products are always lab tested to ensure precise and accurate research.

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