ChemCoins Rewards & Incentives

What are ChemCoins?

At Precision Chems, we believe in providing the most value to all of our trusted and esteemed research partners and clients. Our team is always looking for ways to make sure that your experience with us is as safe, consistent, reliable and rewarding as possible. To this end, we are happy to introduce our newest way of giving back — and at literally no extra cost to you!

How do ChemCoins work?

For every dollar spent on our store, you will get one ChemCoin. Your points balance is stored for the lifetime of your account & your points will never expire. For every 100 ChemCoins spent, you get 2.50$ off as an instant rebate checkout. Consider it a 2.5% cashback for all purchases made!*

*:ChemCoins are not retroactive and will only be awarded to transactions placed AFTER the programs inception.

How else can I earn ChemCoins?

There are various ways to earn ChemCoins:

  • 50 ChemCoins are awarded upon sign-up
  • 50 additional ChemCoins are awarded on your first purchase
  • 50 ChemCoins are awarded for each product reviewed on our site (only applies to verified purchases)
  • 200 ChemCoins are awarded upon successfully referring a colleague or research partner after their first purchase.

How can I refer my colleagues/research partners?

  • Under the My Account tab, in your dashboard, your points balance will be visible. The option to refer a third party will be available to you alongside your unique Referral ID.
  • Enter the email address of the person you’d like to refer and submit the referral.
  • Once your referred colleague or research partner submits their registration, they will be prompted to enter your referral ID.
  • Once their account has been confirmed and their first order paid, you will be instantly awarded with 250 ChemCoins while they will receive their first 50 ChemCoins!

How can I claim my ChemCoins?

On the cart page, during checkout, your current balance of will be displayed. You may then choose to select the amount of Coins to apply to your order. The discount will be automatically applied on the pre-tax, pre-shipping sub-total. The rebate can be stacked with any ongoing sales or offers unless explicitly stated otherwise.

What else can I do with my ChemCoins?

You can use your accrued currency not only for instant rebates on checkout, but for even greater discounts on any upcoming merch that we make available! The longer you hold your account in good standing with us, the higher the rate at which you earn ChemCoins becomes! On top of that, we may periodically offer bonus Coins on orders containing certain items or that meet certain parameters*.

*: Bonus ChemCoins (if and when available) will vary based on ongoing promotion. Please refer to our newsletter & offers for up-to-date information!

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